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Qbert Cutting Board

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Artifactis - Qbert Cutting Board

Thickness: 1 1/4"

This magnificent cutting board has an incredible 3D pattern the leaps from the board itself, and its design is remenescient of a certain, old video game. This board is as durable as it is beautiful. Its the culinary equivilent of a Ferrari that you can use as a daily driver.

Additional Information

This professional, end grain cutting board is constructed from maple, walnut and cherry. It has carved finger holds on the sides to assist with picking the board up, and also has non-skid, non-marking rubber feet that are attached using stainless steel screws. The rubber feet assist by keeping the board from slipping, and by keeping the board elevated so that the board does not sit on a wet countertop (which can be damaging to your board). All cutting boards and platters are made using FDA approved, food-safe Titebond III, and are treated with food-grade mineral oil, and coated in a beeswax finish.

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