SANCTUARY - Willow Tree - Signature Collection


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SANCTUARY  - Willow Tree - Signature Collection
A warm safe space that mother and baby create by being together, quiet, peaceful... connected and content to be in a place of inner peace and joy. A guardian angel for Mother's Day, a new baby gift, or a heliang piece in times of loss. Willow Tree is a reminder of someone we want to keep close, or a memory we want to touch. Hand-carved figures reveal their expression through body gestures only… a tilt of the head, placement of the hands, a turn of the body. Each piece is designed to be open to interpretation from the viewer.
 Created bySusan Lordi
  • Size: 6.5"h
  • Inner Pack Size: 8.35"H x3.5"W x3.62"D
  • Master Carton Size: 11.7"H x22.5"W x18.1"D
  • Materials: resin
  • Seasonality: EVERYDAY
  • Sentiment: A warm safe surround of love

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