Dynamic Duo Woven USB Cable: Black Night/Cloud

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Dynamic Duo Woven USB Cable: Black Night/Cloud
A USB cord for a house divided.

  • Got Apple gadgets & Android devices in your household? We feel your pain. This high-quality Apple-certified USB to Lightning & Micro-USB data cable creates a one-charge hotspot for both.
  • The woven fabric cable is just plain cool. Why settle for a boring white cord that you know is just going to crack in that one spot, which will likely drive you (& us) insane?
  • Great for families, gatherings & office use. Just use the connector that’s right for the gadget at hand. Charge your iPhone, the hub's Android device, then the kids’ iPads. It works for everyone’s stuff!
  • Cord allows both charging (from device to wall charger) & data connection (from device to computer). At the super-long length of 6’, this cable will even reach hard-to-access outlets behind your bed & under that pesky hotel side table.
  • Tech specs: 6’ long MFi & RoHS-certified USB cable with 8-pin Lightning & Micro-USB connections.
  • Materials: Nylon + PVC.

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