Good Medicine Ball

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Good Medicine Ball


  • Relieve inflammation and joint stiffness.Filled with organic flax seed, organic herbs and a soothing blend of essential oils, the Good Medicine Ball is perfect to massage with the hands, roll on the neck or under the feet or on shoulders, elbows or knees.
  • Soothe muscle spasms in your back.  Just lie on it and feel the relief.
  • Play soft toss games to relax with friends.
  • Play hacky sack with an aromatherapeutic angel.
  • Enjoy the best ever talking stick. The Good Medicine Ball soothes the speaker and makes circle conversations a calming activity you and your associates will look forward to.

Good Medicine Balls are available in a rainbow selection of cotton batiks.  Please indicate a color variation when ordering, and we will select a ball that is sure to please. (No specific pattern/color can be guaranteed). 

Your Good Medicine Ball comes packaged in a heat-sealed bag with information and heating instructions included.

Dimensions of this wonder item are 3.5" thick by 5" in diameter

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