Hot Toddy Mercury Hourglass WoodWick Candle

Virginia Gift Brand

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Hot Toddy Mercury Hourglass WoodWick Candle
HOT TODDY - Mercury Hourglass 10 oz WoodWick Scented Jar Candle

HOT TODDY - Tempting notes of ground cinnamon and nutmeg swirl with carmel-drizzled apples and sweet maple wine.

The medium WoodWick 10 oz jar candle fragrances up to 100 hours. Dimensions are 3.88 inches in diameter x 4.5 inches tall WoodWick Candles feature a natural wick made from organic wood & combines the soothing sound of a crackling fire with premium fragrances for the ultimate candle-burning experience! Each highly scented WoodWick candle includes a finely crafted wooden lid.

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