Little Dishes


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Little Dishes



These little dishes are the ideal grab bag gift for tricky holiday exchanges Each piece is hand thrown, expertly glazed by hand, and high fired.


Down To Earth Pottery little dishes are hand-made with care and quality by our  Colorado Springs staff. 
Each piece is hand thrown, expert glazed by hand and high fired. 

Unlike mass produced pottery, each creation is unique, varying slightly in color and size. They also contain recycled glass, melted down to create iridesent hues that will brighten any home.  Our Pottery is a true work of art, and make great easy-to-carry  heartfelt small gift items. 
  • Made in Colorado Springs Colorado, USA
  • Among the finest pottery available today
  • Artisan created
  • 100 percent hand-made using natural materials and recycled glass
  • All Down To Earth glazes are lead free.

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