Luna the Llama Puppet


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Luna the Llama Puppet

Have playtime together, while also bonding with your child using Pretend and Play Puppets from DEMDACO. This collection of hand puppets features different characters with unique names and personalities. Each of these puppets is made from super soft material that is just perfect for snuggling. Children will love playing with them, hanging out with them, and cuddling with them at naptime. Set aside some together time to play act a scene or go on an imaginary adventure with your child and Luna the Llama Puppet. He is a great friend who helps you both bond and improve your communication skills. This hand puppet is light beige body and petite brown feet. She has a white muzzle with black embroidered eyes. She also boasts a hangtag with the sentiment, "I like fruit salad, hopscotch and Fridays. My best friend is Sparkles the Unicorn."

  • Size: 12"h
  • Materials: polyester
  • Care Instructions: Surface Washable
  • Sentiment: Packaging sentiment: My name is... Luna the Llama. I like: fruit salad, hopscotch, and Fridays. My best friend is: Sparkles the Unicorn.

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