Sanitizing Elixir 375ML Glass Bottle Pump Rosemary Mint

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Introducing a germ-fighting solution that looks as great on your counter as it works at fighting germs. 

Touting a potent 80% alcohol recipe (the FDA recommends we make a sanitizer with at least 80% ethyl alcohol for use currently—while the Germ-X® and Bath & Body Works™ brands you are using only contain 68%) this sanitizer is distillery crafted right along with the top-shelf vodka, using the excess “heads” of the grain not meant for drinking. Presented in a glass bottle, infused with a pure essential oil to leave you feeling practically—dare we say—exhilarated, this liquid (non-gel) solution is GMO free and contains no phalates, no parabens, no gluten, no nothing you don’t want.

Infused with Rosemary Mint essential oils

Made in Alabama 

Available only with the Stainless Steel pump

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