Wine Saver

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  • Say hello to the Intelli-Stopper. It's built-in indicator takes the guesswork out of keeping your wine fresh.
  • With just a few pumps, the indicator disappears and know your wine is safe.
  • Enjoy a glass of wine day-after-day without the frustration of it going bad.
  • FACT: Wine loses its flavor and aroma when left uncorked,
  • Poorly sealed, or when too much air is pumped out.
The HOYT Wine Saver pumps out the precise amount of oxygen without robbing your wine of its natural flavor and aroma, while allowing you to see when you've reached the correct sealing point.
  • Pour a glass of wine.
  • Place Intelli-Stopper inside of bottle. Built-in indicator will show that your wine is not yet sealed.
  • Use the Vacuum Pump to extract the oxygen from the bottle and preserve your wine.

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